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Discord Top Uses

  1. Connecting like-minded individuals, fans, or co-workers

    Discord is used to connect with like-minded individuals, fans, or co-workers over text, voice, and video chat online–for free! It is particularly popular with video game players and developers due to its large chat capacity and ability to run alongside PC games. Indie developers in particular use Discord to connect with fans to sell their games and update on upcoming video games. Games can be directly sold from within the developer’s Discord and can also become integrated with the platform through the Rich Presence program, which allows users to launch games and invite others directly from Discord.

  2. Servers and chat functions

    Discord’s servers and chat functions allow developers and fans to interact more closely and engage in more detailed conversation than on sites like Patreon and Twitter. Servers can be divided into text and voice channels and also include Discord video calls and screen sharing.

  3. Large teams and open source engineers

    Discord has also become popular with large teams and open source engineers since its chat function is designed to support many users. Up to 250,000 users can join a channel (this number is increased to 500,000 on verified servers). For teams, Discord makes communication and collaboration easy as users can create up 500 text and voice channels per server that can be used to discuss different elements of work. Discord’s bots and channel functions make open source project management simple and seamless.

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