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  • Organization

    Gmail’s straightforward and easy to use design allows users to organize their inbox to look exactly the way they want it. Long email chains are organized into threads, avoiding an inbox piled with emails that are hard to find. Email chains are boxed in together and users need to simply scroll through the threads to find past responses.
  • Security

    An additional feature that Google provides its email users is an advanced malware and virus checking system, ensuring a safe and secure way to communicate with others. The application also allows users to perform a ‘security checkup’ of their accounts to alert them of any possible malware.
  • Shortcuts

    The email application has a variety of keyboard shortcuts to help you save time and send emails quickly and efficiently. There are shortcuts available for composing emails, formatting text, navigation tools, and plenty more. For those who prefer using hot keys with their online apps, Gmail is an easy tool to use.
  • Snooze Emails

    Gmail gives users the option to snooze their email inbox. This tool is helpful for those who want to remove new incoming emails from your inbox to focus on the ones already in it. You can snooze incoming emails for a couple hours to a couple of days.
  • Notifications

    Your google inbox comes with a couple of different notification settings and tools. You can set reminders for yourself to respond to certain emails at a certain time. You can also pin certain messages and emails to the top of your inbox to make sure they don’t get lost or if you want to come back to them.


  • Gmail Specific

    A well known downside to using your Google inbox is that it is only limited to Gmail accounts. The inbox will not sync with Yahoo, Outlook, Icloud or other email accounts. Therefore, if you have other email accounts using different providers, you will need to access them from a separate application.
  • Backup

    Another con of using a Gmail account is that the inbox cannot be backed up. The only way to ‘backup’ all of the data from your inbox is to either download all of it to a local hard drive or to copy it to another gmail account. The latter option works well for those who used Gmail as a school account and can no longer access but need the data from the inbox.
  • Labels

    Gmail utilizes ‘labels’ to organize different types of emails as opposed to folders. Although they work similarly, some users prefer traditional folders, it depends entirely on preference. You can also label emails that you’re currently writing to funnel them into existing inbox labels.
  • Simple Design

    Although some users prefer Gmail’s simple and easy to use design, others feel that it is outdated and could be improved. Gmail’s design has not been modified in years and some argue that it could be sleeker and more modern.
  • Muting Threads

    A feature that is missing from Gmail is the ability to mute email threads. This can be frustrating when there is a long ongoing thread that you might not necessarily be involved in but are one of the recipients of.
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