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Google Drive Top Uses

  1. File Sharing

    Google Drive’s primary function is to share and store files online. The application  makes it easy to share files with individuals and large teams. The application allows users to set privacy settings and manage who can access certain documents. In teams where individuals use different operating systems, it’s efficient to rely on Google Drive to streamline sharing processes.

  2. Converting Files to Online Documents

    Another helpful way to use Google Drive is through its ability to transform locally stored documents into shareable online files. With a quick drag and drop, users can convert different file types into online documents stored in the Drive’s cloud.

  3. Organizing Team Projects

    Google Drive can help anyone stay organized. Whether you’re an individual working on a number of different projects or if you’re a member of a larger team project with thousands of different documents to sort through, the app’s easy to use ‘filing’ system can help you locate and keep track of all your files.

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