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Tips & Advice:

  • If you’re just started with Sketch, check out the numerous Sketch tutorials available on the website. These include documents with detailed instructions, video courses, and interactive books. 
  • Install a Sketch Library to access UI kits that include templates, prototypes, flows, and diagrams. These libraries can be used across projects to ensure your different products or apps follow the same design.  
  • If you are designing a mobile app or website from scratch, check out the multitude of free Sketch wireframe kits available online. These kits can help you design the layout of your site or app and test user experience before adding in other design essentials such as typography and a color palette. 


  • Many third-party plugins and integrations are available and encouraged by app. For example, Chart creates customizable charts with random, tabular, or JSON data, while Crowdin creates a preview of your Sketch documents and then distributes them to developers. Most of these apps can be found directly from Sketch’s website.  
  • Shared cloud space makes it easy to work from home or with a remote team.  
  • Users can simultaneously work and collaborate on multiple projects and copy elements from one project to the next. 
  • Tools automate mundane design tasks, increasing efficiency and decreasing time spent on menial work.  
  • Designs are rendered in such a way that you can accurately see how they will look on an app or website.  


  • Cost: Although the flat-fee for an individual license is fairly reasonable, paying an additional $79/year for Cloud space and updates is rather expensive.  
  • Sketch is only available for Mac. For Windows alternatives, check out our “competitors” tab of this app review.  
  • The Mirror App for Sketch on the Apple App store, distributed by Bohemian coding, gets abysmal reviews. It is supposed to let you view your sketch designs on mobile, but rarely works and doesn’t integrate with the Cloud. As such, there is no easy way to use and view Sketch on mobile.  
  • No Sketch for iPad app exists. For an alternative that best matches Sketch’s interface, check out Vectornator under the “competitors” tab of this app review.  
  • Includes few image editing tools compared to products like Photoshop.


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