10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Droplr

Droplr has a lot of features, think you know them all? After years of using it day in and day out, our customers find new ways to use Droplr that we haven’t even thought about.

Without further ado, here’s our top 10:


1. Everything you capture is automatically copied to your clipboard as a short link

making screenshot
All you have to do is paste, and your custom link is right there. You can do this by right clicking on your mouse and select paste, or use the keyboard shortcut ‘command + v’ and you’re all set!


2. Share multiple links at the same time

pasting droplr short links in slack application
If your like us, and have many links you want to share, Slack doesn’t care – it will preview all the links even if you paste 10 of them at once, just try it out!


3. Drag and drop anything for easy file sharing

uploading file to droplr from your dashboard
If you’re like most people, you probably have a cluttered desktop. All you have to do is drag any file up to your menubar and Voila! Your files are safe in the cloud.


4. Shorten a link with a single click

generating shorten link of techcrunch article
Use Twitter much? Shorten any lengthy URL link quicker than you can go to bitly.com.


5. See how many times your drops have been viewed

total views of drop showing in dashboard and native mac app
See who has opened your last sent invoice or how many times your documents have been opened. For a quick count, just use the dropdown to see the number on the right. In the dashboard, see more detailed stats by clicking on the drop to see your top referrers and total visits.


6. Create a self destructing file

setting self destruct in droplr native app
We all share some things we don’t want to keep around forever. Maybe it’s credit card information, or maybe a time sensitive document. Just toggle the individual drop to change the settings. You can also password protect them from here as well!


7. Capture a reaction GIF

capturing your reaction
Slightly better than using an emoji, use our capture a reaction feature to create a GIF. You have 8 frames to show as much emotion as possible, try it out!


8. Use this shortcut to get to your Droplr dashboard fast

entering droplr dashboard from native app
Tired of going to d.pr to head to your dashboard? Try this little shortcut, it works like a charm!


9. Right-click to quickly share a file

tutorial how you can share files using Droplr
Similar to dragging and dropping, right click on anything you want to add to your Droplr library. It will upload in seconds.


10. Quickly embed your GIFs in a WordPress blog with this nifty little secret

copying embeded liks in droplr native mac app

Last but not least, how did we create this blog? Use Droplr screencast and save your short videos as GIFs. You can take it a step further and HTML embed it to any site to make it quick and easy!


Are there any shortcuts you take with Droplr that make life a little easier? We would love to hear about them, just tweet us at @droplr or email hello@droplr.com.

Nicole Pressprich

Client Advocate, and Cyclist

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