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Droplr Invites

You: Why can’t I get a Droplr Invite?

Us: We have to keep things close right now as we’re still testing and building the service. Bugs, crashes and other bad things will occur. As we put things together, it’s important that we not overload ourselves too soon and keep the pool of testers small, focused and purposed.

You: I was on the initial newsletter list and haven’t received an invite.

Us: This is probably a fluke as when we first did our first beta roll out we were seeing a lot of email services munching up our invites in their junk mail. Remember that beta thing (see above)? We’re sorry about this, and if you contact us we’ll get it sorted up.

You: Is there anyway I can get an invite right now?

Us: Here’s a secret. Everyone in the initial beta group has one invite to share! Maybe if you ask them nicely, they’ll share the invite with you. Or maybe if you have an invite to another private beta service, you could swap.

You: But I’ve already asked everyone, isn’t there any other way?

Us: Yes! Droplr is trying out a new site called Kickstarter which might allow us to help fund the project in its initial stages. Every pledge will receive an invite to the beta immediately if the project is funded. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a free premium subscription. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be helping Droplr get developed even quicker AND supporting Mac indie development. Could it get any better!? No. You can pledge here:

You: Anything else?

Us: A big thanks to all our beta testers who have been helping us improve the service. The best is yet to come!

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