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Homepage Redesign

You might have notice Droplr’s homepage redesign today. We’ve redesigned it to communicate more clearly, load more quickly, and provide you and your friends a better experience. Load it up on your nearest high-pixel-density device, and you should be in for a pleasant surprise there as well 🙂

We’ve moved from a drag-and-drop interaction on the homepage to click-to-upload, which means you no longer need to explain dragging and dropping to your less technically-adept friends and relatives. Of course, we didn’t take this away from you. If you still want to do it the old way, give it a shot 🙂 Additionally, we’re now highlighting a few of the great third party applications you can use Droplr with.

Beyond the homepage redesign, we’ve made some more tweaks, mostly aimed at speed. The most notable of these changes are for drop pages. When you’re viewing a drop from your phone, you should get a much faster, more bandwidth-sensitive page.

We’ve put a lot of time and love into these updates, and we hope you enjoy them! If you have any feedback at all, let us know by clickin on the chat window below!

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