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Droplr User Mike Vannelli

Droplr User Mike Vannelli

We’re excited to introduce you to Droplr User Mike Vannelli and how he uses Droplr to send video.

Sending video over the web is a pain. Sure, you can use a public service, but you risk bombarding your clients with ads. You can use FTP, if your clients are tech savvy. Or you can use email and hope the servers don’t explode. Video producer Mike Vannelli tried it all before he found a simple, elegant solution.

“None of the services really worked well,” he says. “They all had upload limits or ads, or they were just cumbersome. Then I discovered Droplr.”

Using Droplr as a Freelancer

The LA-based producer started freelancing in 2009, offering design, photography and video services. He’s produced spots for Lifehacker and promo vids for myriad apps, including Tidy, Cyplifi, and Moga. “I had been using Droplr in my design work to share screenshots and files and it occurred to me that I could use it to send videos, too,” he says.

Vannelli uses Droplr to deliver finalized, high-resolution digital files to his clients quickly and easily. “I can just upload a video file, send my clients a link, and they can download it through any browser,” he says. “No storage limits, no ads. It just works.”

Vannelli simply drags a file or folder into the Droplr icon in his Mac menu bar. It’s automatically uploaded to Droplr and a link to the file is copied to his clipboard. He can paste the link in an email, chat window, or anywhere to share. He can even password protect the files to ensure only his clients have access to them.

Why Droplr is the Top Solution

Why not just use YouTube? Vannelli wanted a more professional way to deliver video files. With a Droplr Pro account, he was able to add his logo and domain name to download pages. “Having your custom logo and domain name shows another level of professionalism and branding,” he says. “It’s also a matter of trust. If you send clients to download pages with a bunch of ads, they might question your quality.”

Vannelli’s Droplr account is also a repository for client videos. “I send the download link to my clients and tell them that if they ever need the video again, it’ll live there forever,” he says. “And if—worst-case scenario—my backups fail, I’ll have a copy on Droplr.” Thanks to rock-solid and redundant Amazon S3 storage, Vannelli’s video files will be safe if disaster strikes.

“For me, Droplr is just easy to use,” he says. “You just drag and drop, send the link, and you don’t have to worry about clients getting the finished product. That gives me piece of mind and more time to work on the stuff I love.”

Mike Vannelli is currently working on a series of videos for online job board Fiverr and an independent film set in ancient Rome. His work can be found at

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