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Droplr User Peter Sundwall Hansen

Droplr User Peter Sundwall Hansen

We’re excited to introduce you to Droplr user Peter Sundwall Hansen as he reveals how he uses Droplr for collaboration.

When you work with a design team remotely, sharing screenshots is key to creative collaboration. You need to swap ideas and iterations quickly and easily and get back to work without waiting. For freelance designer Peter Sundwall Hansen, however, that hasn’t always been easy.

“I used to share things the slow, old-school way,” he says. “I’d print the screen, edit it in Photoshop, upload it to my FTP server, then send the link.” The process was cumbersome and time consuming, to say the least.

Copenhagen-based Hansen works with web design firm Siino remotely from his home office, sending a steady stream of files and screenshots between the two locations. It’s a significant part of his day, and a process he needed to streamline.

That’s why he started using Droplr. Now he can share screenshots, code, images, and links in seconds with his colleague at the web design firm. With Droplr, he can capture, upload, and share screenshots with a few keystrokes.

“If I am working on a website—let’s say setting up the text or graphics—and I need his opinion on how it works, I use the screenshot feature to drop it to him,” says Hansen. “Or if I have a code snippet that doesn’t compile as it should, I troubleshoot by sending it to him with Droplr.”

Hansen shares dozens of screenshots a day and Droplr has become an integral part of his workflow. “The swiftness and automation are just great,” he says. “Droplr is just a great tool for sharing screenshots and files in a fast way.”

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