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New Feature: Video Embedding

video embedding is a new droplr feature

We have a new feature in Droplr: Video embedding! Read out to learn more about video embediding and how to do it.

Video Embedding: YouTube in Droplr

Isn’t Youtube great? The flashy ads, the promo videos, the thoughtful, well-written comments. Oh wait. No. It’s awful. That’s why we’ve added Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, and even Dailymotion video embedding to Droplr.

Now you can share a video from any of these services in a simple, clean Droplr window.

How to do it

Load the video you want to share in your favorite browser. Click the Droplr icon in your menu bar, click the plus (+) button and select Shorten URL. A link to the video will be uploaded to Droplr. Paste the Droplr link anywhere to share.

Special thanks to the Droplr interns Nick and Kyle! The two worked feverishly all week to make the embedding feature a reality. We rewarded them with donuts.

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