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iPhone Screencasts With Droplr

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When you’re developing an iPhone app (like we are), iPhone screencasts are key. Animation not running smoothly on a 5C? Record it and send the video to the devs. Thankfully, recording and sending iPhone screencasts is quick and easy using Quicktime and Droplr.

How iPhone Screencasts work:

  1. Get Droplr [here]
  2. Make sure the Droplr Yosemite extension is active in the Extensions System Preferences pane
  3. Plug your iPhone into your Mac
  4. Fire up QuickTime
  5. Select File > New Movie Recording
  6. Click the little down arrow next to the record button to select your iPhone as the imput source
  7. Click the record button and record your iPhone screencast
  8. When you’re done, click the share button and select Droplr
  9. Your screen recording will be uploaded to Droplr and a link will be copied to your clipboard
  10. Paste the link anywhere to share your iPhone screen recording

You can save your screen recording or trash it, up to you.

Recording and sharing iPhone screen recordings with Droplr and QuckTime is fast and easy. Give it a try.

iPhone Screencasts With Droplr

iPhone Screencasts With Droplr

iPhone Screencasts With Droplr

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