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Hot Keys in Droplr For Windows

The 3.2.0 release of Droplr for Windows includes bug fixes related to hot keys. Hot keys are key combinations that trigger certain actions on your system, regardless of where you are. For example, you might press the the windows key and R (Win + R in shorthand) to open a run dialog that lets you run any command on your system.

Droplr includes configurable hot keys for a variety of common tasks performed by Droplr, such as:

  • Hide/Show the drop target
  • Compose a note
  • Take a screenshot
  • Annotate a screenshot
  • Take a “live” screenshot
  • Upload the clipboard contents to Droplr
  • Record your screen to video or GIF

How to Configure Hot Keys in Droplr

Hot keys are found in the Advanced settings window. You reach this window by first right clicking on the Droplr tray icon, then select the “Settings…” menu item and then click the “Advanced…” button. The Hotkeys tab will be the second tab.

Let’s look at what a few of the visual elements mean.

Valid Key Combinations

Hot Keys in Droplr For Windows

Valid key combinations are marked with a white check mark in a green circle. A key combination is valid when it is not being used by any other programs on the system.

Invalid Key Combinations

Hot Keys in Droplr For Windows

Invalid key combinations are marked with a white exclamation mark  on a red circle. A key combination is invalid when another program has already claimed that key combination.

Disabled Hot Keys

Hot Keys in Droplr For Windows

A given command can also be disabled. When a hot key is disabled the status icon will go away.


Modifiers correspond to additional keys that are pressed along with the key you are configuring. Those that are used are shown in blue and unused modifiers are shown in grey.

Why So Many Options?

There are a wide variety of programs that may have also opted to use the hot key feature in Windows. The Windows operating system allocates hot key combinations on a first come first served basis. So once one application has reserved a hot key, no other application may use that hot key until the original application has exited. This makes it difficult to predict which combinations will be universally available.

Instead of predicting what might be on your computer, we let you configure things as you see fit. You have the power to configure your environment in a way that works best with the way you like to work.

Can You Give me an Example?

While every system is different, here is a setup that works well on one of our developer’s machines.

Hot Keys in Droplr For Windows

Like many content creators this developer has development environments, office applications, graphical tools and other content creation utilities. Your mileage may vary though so feel free to experiment and let us know the ideal key combinations you like.

Efficiency at Your Finger Tips

Once you have configured hot keys to your liking you can stat sharing content with just a few key strokes. Gone are the days of having to break your concentration to find and open an application to complete a task. Take back your day by minimizing the impact of context switches.

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