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How to Use JIRA and Droplr

JIRA and Droplr

JIRA’s name was inspired by the Japanese word “Gojira,” meaning Godzilla; however, this popular issue-tracking platform is more extreme organizer than grand destroyer. JIRA takes on bug tracking, issue tracking, project management, and more skyscraper-sized to do’s with two unique products: JIRA Service Desk, designed for customer service and IT, and JIRA Software, designed for software teams. The two tools can be used alone, or they can integrate for easy and efficient problem-solving.  

Droplr is a cloud-based file-sharing service that makes the heavy-lifting even easier for this colossal duo of the tech world. Here’s how:

Easy as 1, 2…forget the 3!  

To resolve an issue using JIRA, first, you have to understand what it is. Screenshots help you communicate quickly and clearly, whether you’re addressing a customer service request or discussing a bug with your dev team behind the scenes. With Droplr’s desktop app, quickly capture and crop a screenshot, which immediately becomes a link available on the cloud. Click and paste, and you’ve got a picture that’s worth substantial time savings to include in JIRA.

Droplr and Jira

Edit your image.  

Droplr provides a tool to quickly edit a screenshot. Add objects like arrows, text, and boxes, or blur out areas that you don’t need to share.


Save space, avoid size limits, and stay uber organized by using Droplr links instead of attaching clunky files. Right click on a file (up to 2GB) on your computer and select “Share with Droplr“. Paste your Droplr link to the JIRA issue; team members can open the URL in any browser and then easily view and download. Even if you’ve got a long list of large files, it’s a piece of cake to share them with the whole team in a way that doesn’t leave anyone searching.
Droplr’s file-sharing abilities combined with JIRA’s step-by-step, issue-by-issue organizational superpower will help you streamline your business, from managing remote teams to making individual customers happy—all in a day’s work for a giant lizard?  

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