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Why Not Write a Guest Post for Droplr?

Why not Write A Guest Post For Droplr

We have exciting news for those looking for an outlet to showcase their expertise – we want you to write a guest post for us! Following a couple of offers of guest post writing, we decided to open our doors to everyone willing to share their knowledge. So, writers of the world, unite!

Topic wise

We cover topics ranging from:

  • Remote collaboration and productivity
  • Customer service
  • Project management
  • Customer service
  • Marketing and communication
  • UX design
  • Running startups
  • Team building

Why Not Write a Guest Post for Droplr?

Our take on blogging – what to consider when you write a guest post for us

  1. First of all, we make a point of treating our readers with respect. There’s too much irrelevant content cluttering the internet – we don’t want to contribute to that. We want Droplr blog to be informative (and entertaining if possible). Writing a post, keep this in mind. Strive to answer real questions. Make the post helpful!
  2. Why not outshine Wikipedia?! We want our blog to be a go-to, reliable source of information. So, when you write, prove your point by quoting verified sources.
  3. Inform rather than sell. We’re happy to give you publicity and help you promote your name. But, we’ll do it only if your post offers our readers something more than the familiarity with your brand. So make sure you offer value!

If you’re an expert in any of the areas we’ve listed above or you’re a writer with excellent research skills, and you’d like to pitch in building our blog, we’d love to hear from you and see if you’re a great fit to write a guest post for us.

How to start?

If you’re interested in guest blogging with us, get in touch with us, and:

  1. Tell us about your expertise.
  2. Send us a few links to your past content.
  3. Suggest topic ideas.
  4. Tell us what your expectations are.

If we’re a good match, we’ll ask you to send us a short draft of the text, your photo, and a short bio so that we can include you as our contributor. 

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask! And, get in touch with us! We’re looking forward to collaborating with you!  

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