Design Week PDX

We had a fantastic time at Design Week PDX! Special thanks to FINE, Liquid, and AKQA for the free booze and cookies.

Besides consuming far too many calories, we learned a lot about the way designers and developers collaborate. Screenshots, as always, are totally key to the way creatives share their stuff. Simply yelling across the room works, too. And at FINE, you can literally just write on the walls. It’s fantastic. We’re totally jealous.


Ping-pong was also a recurring theme. According to agency reps, the game boosts hand-eye coordination and, when played in teams, promotes cooperation and unity in an office environment. Or maybe it’s just damn good fun. Either way, Droplr HQ needs pingpong.

Overall, the Portland design community was fantastic. We met many hyper-talented designers, developers, creative directors, recruiters, videographers… the list goes on and on. Portland is a shining beacon of design and creativity. It’s not just a place where 30-somethings retire.

Thanks again and see you next year. We plan to return all the favors from this year and host our own event. Expect beer, maybe ice cream, and definitely some sort of game involving objects flying at high speed.

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