So How Do You Use Droplr, Anyway?

Man use Droplr on his Mac

What is Droplr?

At Droplr we hear those questions a lot. Simply put, Droplr helps you share the stuff you’re working on quickly and easily. If you use Droplr you make creative collaboration a cinch. Seriously.

And how do you use Droplr?

With Droplr, you can swap screenshots with a few keystrokes. You can share files in seconds. You can capture, upload, and share videos of your screen in minutes. And everything you share is stored in the cloud, forever.

But that’s all pretty abstract. You want concrete examples, scenarios that show how Droplr can help you work faster, smarter, and better. And during the next few weeks, we’ll be doing just that. Stay tuned to this blog for posts about using Droplr. They’ll be quick, clear, and, hopefully, awesome.

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