Why We Used Droplr to Enhance 10k Slack Conversations

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We use Slack and Droplr a lot here at GenieBelt.com (project management software for the construction industry). Of the 527,000 messages posted on Slack for internal GenieBelt communication, over 10,000 of them have been Droplr links, accounting for a large portion of all the messages we send to each other.

The reasons for this are many, but basically this usage boils down to one thing: we prefer efficiency. As the old saying goes, “a picture tells a thousand words.” Applied to GenieBelt, this means that it’s often much more convenient for us to simply snap a picture of something we want to communicate using Droplr and then share it with the team on Slack, rather than engage in long-winded conversation on a topic that might not be worth the time or effort to describe.

Droplr is a super efficient way of bringing context to what you are saying. Effectively, with Droplr, the penny drops quicker when communicating via Slack.

How we use Droplr:

Everyone has their own way of using different tools. After looking through our Slack channels, the following seem to be consistent uses of Droplr within our team:

1. To the more useful posts which direct attention

-Asking a question on behalf of a customer

slack conversation with droplr screenshot of database

-Reporting a bug

slack message with screenshot uploaded with Droplr

-Directing attention to an error that needs a fix

slack conversation with droplr screenshot

2. Snapping screenshots of emails or Slack threads for easy sharing

We use Droplr a lot for simply taking a screenshot of a conversation with another employee on Slack, whenever the discussion is relevant for another employee to listen in on. For example, if Peter (from our product department) and I have a great chat about something the sales team needs to know about, then I can use Droplr to easily ping picture of our thread over to the head of sales. Job done!

3. Directing customers to where they want to go

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We also use Droplr to share annotations of our product with our clients. A classic user case here would be when we’re chatting with a customer on Intercom and the client needs to know where to find a certain function within our product. With Droplr, we simply snap a picture, draw a big arrow and voilà… job done!

4. Sharing random/funny pictures and gifs for team bonding and banter

One happy coder after receiving his GenieBelt t-shirt and hard hat.

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Random banter.

slack conversation with funny quote

We hope you’ll find as much value in using Droplr as we do!

Gari Nickson is Co-Founder and CMO of GenieBelt, a construction management software and mobile app which empowers communication between the work site and the office.

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