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As a freelance web designer or a web designer and a digital nomad, securing your contracts against your competition is your key to freedom. No matter where you are in the world and no matter what experiences you’re enjoying, working and traveling gives you the opportunity of a lifetime. However, since the industry is really starting to boom, the competition for each available freelance vacancy is fierce.

Today, we’re going to explore everything you need to know in order to write this killer web design proposals, helping you secure more jobs, enabling you to finance your travel and live your dreams.

Write to Provide the Whole Experience

Although web design may come naturally to you, it’s important to remember to put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes to feel how they feel. This could be an extremely stressful time when they want things done quickly and within their proposed budget.

This means in your proposal; you’ll need to address these worries in order to be successful. Emphasise your availability in the proposal.  

Write for the Client

Although web design jargon is something you probably deal with every day, it’s important to remember that your client may not and writing out a tonne of jargon can easily get the customer confused.

Instead, read the job description and match the difficulty of your language to the style of the job ad in order to maximize your chances of securing an interview.

Say What Sets You Apart

At the end of the day, a web designer designs websites, as all web designers do. In order to secure the very best contracts to fund your travels and lifestyle, you need to make it clear what stands out about you and why a business would be interested in your services.

“For example, do you offer free responsive website optimization, maybe a free blog? Maybe you’re super-fast or have experience that not many web designers have. Whatever it is that makes your services special, make this very clear in your proposal to help you stand out from the crowd,” shares Peter Mason, a freelance web designer currently working for Ox Essays.

Writing the Perfect Web Design Proposal

Since you’re a freelance web designer, not a freelance writer, it can be tricking to get your head around some of the comprehensive writing tactics you need in order to write a successful proposal. However, here’s a list of tools and resources you can use to help;

#1 Academadvisor & Studydemic: These are two writing-based websites that are full of posts on how to improve your grammar skills.

#2 Academized: This is an online editing agency that can help you perfect your proposal, as recommended by the HuffingtonPost in Dissertation Writing Help article.

#3 Let’s Go and Learn: This is a website full of writing guides you can follow when writing your proposal for a perfect format.

#4 Revieweal & Best British Essays: These are two professional proofreading services you can use to perfect your proposal before sending it.

#5 Writing Populist: This is a blog you can use to answer all your writing-related queries to ensure a high-quality proposal.

#6 Assignment Help: This is a custom writing service that can write your proposals for you on your behalf.

Work with the Customer

It’s so important as a freelancer that you need to work and communicate with the client exactly what’s going to happen. In the situation where a client is dealing with a company, there’s sometimes very little leeway to make changes to a contract or to deviate from standard procedures.

However, as a freelancer, you can have much input into how each project progresses. Many clients will want to hire you for your creative expertise, helping them to decide on designs and formats. You’ll also have much more control when it comes to project rates and timescales. For all this to work, it’s important to state how flexible you are in your proposal.

Write the Proposal for the Job

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to write a unique proposal for the job role that you’re applying for. This means reading through the job description carefully while making sure that you answer everything that the client is asking for an address all questions and concerns.

Additionally, don’t forget to ask any questions you may have. This doesn’t lower your chances but in fact, increases them since you’ll have a better understanding of what the client is looking for and the final product itself.

Mary Walton

Mary is a manager at Australian BigAssignments - Online Assignment Help service. She blogs at SimpleGrad, read her ResumArea Review there. Also, she tutors at Paper Fellows, online academic service.

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