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Edit Droplr Notes Online

Ever upload a note to Droplr, then realize you need to make a change? Now you can change any Droplr note from the Droplr Dashboard. Just log in to your account, find your note, click the gear icon and select “edit note.” You’ll be able to make and save changes in the browser. Anyone who visits the Droplr link will see your new-and-improved note. It’s that easy.

notes-1 notes-2

This new feature is now available to all Droplr users.

Oh, and if you don’t know about notes, here’s the skinny: Right-click the Droplr icon in your menu or task bar, select Compose Note. Type your note or paste your code, then click the dropdown menu to choose whether you want to share it as plain text, markdown, textile (Windows), or code. When you’re done, click Upload. Your note will be uploaded to Droplr and a link will be copied to your clip board.

In related text news, we’ve open sourced our Markdown CSS. Check it out here. Make it better. Make it shiny. We’d surely appreciate it.