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Top 5 Video Sharing Platforms for 2022

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Most web users will need to share a video online at some point, whether for work or personal reasons. However, it’s not always easy to share a video over the internet. Most email and messaging platforms have strict limits on video sharing size, meaning you can’t attach large videos that are longer than a minute or so. You can try to compress your video to decrease its size, but this comes at the expense of video quality. As such, the simplest way to share a video online is to upload it to a video sharing platform. 

Though a few select video sharing apps tend to dominate the market, there are a multitude of video sharing platforms available for personal and professional use alike. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best video sharing websites and compare them based on features, pricing, and use cases. Read on to discover the best video sharing platforms and learn how to send large video files.

Picking the Best Video Sharing Platform

1. YouTube

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YouTube is the most popular video sharing website, and for good reason. You can upload video to YouTube for free. You can also set the privacy of your YouTube videos to public, unlisted, or private. To share an unlisted video, you have to share the video’s URL address; for private videos, you have to email the video from the video’s page in your YouTube Studio. You can change the privacy of a video at any time from YouTube studio.

Thanks to these privacy settings, YouTube is a solid choice for sharing both personal and business videos. However, the downside to YouTube’s video website is that it can take a long time to upload and publish a video. If you need to share a video quickly, then you should consider another video sharing website.

2. Vimeo

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Vimeo is a video creation and video sharing platform best for business teams. With Vimeo Record, you can record your screen, webcam, or both and create videos from your recordings. Or, you can instead use Vimeo Create to create videos from premade templates or add your own images, text, and music. Regardless of whether you create your videos with Vimeo or another app, you can upload them to Vimeo’s video sharing website. Vimeo includes a multitude of privacy options, so you can share your video to the public, only accounts you follow, or only people you choose. You can also protect your video with a password or private link.

Vimeo’s free video hosting includes basic video upload, but for advanced privacy options and player customization, you can purchase a Plus plan for $7/mo. If you want to create your own videos with Vimeo or receive analytic reports for your videos, then you can purchase a team plan starting at $20/mo. Overall, Vimeo is a great video platform for businesses that use videos for sales, marketing, and customer service.

3. Loom

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Like Vimeo, Loom can double as both a screen recorder and a video sharing platform. Loom lets you record both your webcam and screen, with or without audio. After recording, you can edit your video with a drawing tool and video trimming or add CTAs. Loom includes both personal and team hosting libraries, so you can share your videos from either your personal account or directly with your entire team. You can also upload any other video from your desktop or mobile device to your Loom account for quick sharing.

You can use a free Loom account to create up to 100 videos under 5 minutes of length for your personal, shared, or team library. Loom’s business plan, with professional editing tools, custom player branding, and unlimited videos and recording length, costs $8/user/mo. Enterprises that need advanced admin controls and security measures can contact Loom for custom pricing.

4. Droplr

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Droplr is a cloud-based screen recording and video sharing app for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome extension. You can record videos in HD with optional webcam and audio or as GIFs. After recording, you can trim your recordings down to the right size. Once your recording is done, Droplr automatically stores it in the cloud and generates a short link that you can copy and paste to share your recording. Anyone who clicks on this link will be redirected to your video’s page in the cloud and be able to watch it without downloading it. You can also upload other files into the Droplr cloud for easy sharing and content hosting.

Droplr is the best video sharing website for quickly share videos with others. Pricing begins at $6/mo for individual users and $7/user/mo for teams, though enterprises with 16+ members can contact the website for custom pricing. You can start using Droplr today with a 3-day free trial.

5. Covideo

covideo library with 3 webcam videos in the foreground

Covideo is a video recording and video sharing website that is perfect for sending videos over email or text. You can record your videos with your webcam, on your screen, or both, or you can upload videos you already have to the Covideo library. From there, you can trim your video or add captions. Once you’re done, you can embed your video directly into an email, text message, or on a CRM platform. Recipients who click on your video will be redirected to a custom video landing page of your choice. At the bottom of the video, you can include CTAs that direct your viewer to follow up after viewing the video. Finally, recipients can reply with a video email of their own even if they don’t have a Covideo account.

Covideo is the perfect video sharing website for marketing and sales teams as it lets you reach out to prospects and clients via personalized videos. Covideo pricing begins at $49/user/mo, though teams of 5 or more can contact the platform for custom pricing.

How to Download Video

On each of the above video sites, you can easily download videos that you send or receive from others. Once you receive a video, you will be given the option to save video or download the video to your device. When you select download, you can decide where to save your video on your device. The video will continue to be stored in the cloud unless you delete it.

Comparing the Top Video Sharing Platforms

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Which of the above video sharing websites you should choose depends on your needs. If you are recording and sharing videos for personal use, you should use YouTube or Loom’s free account if the videos are short. If you want to share videos with the broader public, then YouTube or Vimeo is the best choice. Vimeo is also a good choice for businesses who share videos with clients and need to track analytics. Likewise, Droplr, Covideo, and Loom are great for sharing videos for marketing or sales purposes and include analytics. All 3 video apps also include a screen recorder. For sharing videos quickly on the cloud, Droplr is your best bet. If you prefer to share video over email or text, then you should invest in Covideo. 

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