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  • Constant Updates

    Because Apple is constantly improving and growing the number of features that their products offer, the Apple Messages app is practically reinventing itself after every update. If there are bugs that are occurring while using the platform, users can expect quick fixes from the support team.
  • Notification Settings

    When using the Apple text messaging app, users have a variety of options when it comes to notification settings. You have the option of putting your phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode or putting individual conversations on silent, this comes in handy when group chats are blowing up your phone. You can also choose to hide message content from appearing on your home screen when your phone is locked to avoid other people seeing personal information.
  • Secure End to End Encryption

    Information stored in your ICloud, including text messages are end to end encrypted, meaning that all of your information is completely secure and the only user able to access it is you.
  • Voice Messages

    A feature that many find useful when it comes to using the messaging platform is the ability to send ‘voice messages’. Users can hold down a button, speak into their phone, and send that voice recording to anyone. IPhones and Apple Watches also have the ability to transcribe your voice into text, making hand-free texting easier than ever.
  • Pre-Installed

    Accessing the application is easy for anyone using an Apple product. The Apple Messages application comes pre-installed on all products and users do not need to pay extra to use the service.


  • Limited to Apple Devices

    Unfortunately, Apple Messages for PC does not exist, and users who have Android or Windows phones cannot access the application. When Apple users communicate with non-Apple users, they also are not able to access many of their features including text and screen effects and read receipts.
  • Needs Data to Work

    Many of Apple Messages’ features cannot be accessed or used without a stable WiFi connection or LTE service. This is primarily due to the fact that the application is an ‘internet’ and cloud-based messaging service.
  • Requires Personal Phone Number

    Unlike some of Apple Messages’ competitors like Facebook, the app needs you to have a personal phone number in order to access your account.
  • Apple ID Required for Multi-Platform Use

    Although you do not need an Apple ID account to access your Messages app on your IPhone, you do need an Apple ID if you want to connect the application across multiple platforms like the Apple Watch and your Mac computers.
  • Data Plan Usage

    When using the messaging app, people are often tempted to send larger files to each other including photos, videos, and GIFS, when doing this, people might not be aware of their data limitations and can use most of their available data quickly. Once this happens, texts and other messages then send very slowly.
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