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Apple Messages Top Uses

  1. Communication

    This apps top use revolves around communication. The software is user friendly and easy to use. People can chat with individuals or create ‘group chats’ to communicate with more than one person. Others included in a group chat do not need to have iPhones to be included. Apple Messages can be accessed with your phone, your desktop, your Apple watch and tablets. Messages are stored on all connected devices meaning users can continue and pick up their conversations on any device.

  2. Files

    With its multiple app integrations and other tools, it’s easy to share any type of file you want through Apple Messages. These files include photos, videos, word documents, PDF’s and more. You can even ‘send’ game requests to others and go back and forth taking turns playing.

  3. Multi-platform Use

    As stated earlier, Apple Messages is an application that can be accessed on all Apple products. Unlike other traditional texting softwares on the market, Apple Messages makes it easy to keep track of all of your conversation, even when you’re away from your devices. If you have an Apple Watch messages app, you can receive and send text messages that way as well.

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