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Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard vector graphics editor widely used by graphic designers and creatives to create digital and print images such as logos, posters, social media graphics, cartoons, illustrations, and so much more. Illustrator can also be used to put together website design mockups, presentations, and creating icons. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud but can be licensed independently. Illustrator is especially useful for typography work.

Drawing Tools – Illustrator includes a substantial suite of drawing tools that allows designers create sophisticated designs. The vector-based software ensures designs can be scaled from mobile screens to billboard size while maintaining their crisp, sharp appearance. Typography – Illustrator’s ability to add effects, manage styles, and edit individual characters makes it a top tier product for creating beautiful typography designs. Freehand Drawing – Create freehand drawings or trace and recolor graphics than can then be turned into elements for other design projects or stand alone as a piece of artwork. Creative Cloud – Illustrator works seamlessly with other products in the Creative Cloud such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. Graphics, styles, and texts are stored in the cloud so they are always up to date and readily available.

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