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  • Flexible Interface

    Illustrator offers a flexible user interface. Users are able to customize their experience as well as enable space saving to best suit their personal needs and preferences.
  • Multiple Artboards

    Users can work on multiple artboards simultaneously thanks to in-panel editing which increases productivity as other products restrict users to working on one image at a time.
  • Graphics

    Graphics are based on mathematic equations instead of pixels within Illustrator which makes them completely scalable. Because of this, users are always able to have clean, crisp lines and high resolution for everything from mobile screens to billboards.
  • Small Files

    Compared to other platforms, Illustrator files are relatively small, meaning they can be saved easily and usually sent as email attachments to outside clients for review.
  • Creative Cloud

    Files are saved in the Creative Cloud, making sure the are always up to date and accessible via other Adobe products.


  • Learning Curve

    Illustrator has a steep learning curve. It is not a tool a beginner can open and learn in one day. Adobe does offer a number of training tools and users can learn from the internet or in class, but it does take time to learn to use the tool to its best abilities.
  • Complicated Pricing

    Pricing is complicated. There are individual prices for al la carte options up through team and business pricing that can add up quickly.
  • Interface

    It shares a similar interface to Photoshop which can be confusing for some users as the workflows are completely different.
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