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  • Project Delegation

    With the Jira software, team leaders and admins can delegate projects and tasks to specific individuals as well as general teams. Dividing up projects and tasks this way can help you efficiently move forward and keep track of who’s working on what. Any questions about specific tasks can always be tracked back to their assignees.
  • Scrum Boards

    Jira Scrum Boards are great for collaborative projects and can facilitate communication and transparency. This type of organization workflow helps you keep track of time, focus, and communication. Scrum boards are easy to digest visually and are an efficient way to spread out project management.
  • Mobile App

    In today’s fast paced world, it’s important to have access on the go. Jira software is available on mobile devices, allowing users to access their team sprints and workflows away from the office.
  • Custom Filters

    To help you find information and manage workloads, Jira allows users to create customer filters through Jira Query Language. Custom filters can be fitted to your company’s specific needs and tools.
  • Customizable Workflow

    Jira’s most dynamic tool is its unique and customizable workflow tools. Teams can manage and handpick how they want their workflow displayed. Individuals that prefer visual layouts can enjoy Jira’s scrum boards, teams who prefer to focus on timelines can benefit from weekly ‘sprint’ layouts.


  • Limited Uploads

    One of Jira’s most commonly stated negatives is its file size upload limit which is 10 MB. This can be an issue when trying to upload larger photos and videos that exceed the size limit.
  • Downloadable Report

    While Jira provides users a variety of visual workflows to manage projects, some of these graphics cannot be downloaded as images. This can be an issue when trying to share data on Jira’s site with users who do not use the platform.
  • Complicated Integrations

    Other users have reported that certain applications and softwares can be difficult to integrate with Jira. Although there are a large variety of integrations, some of these can be difficult to install depending on the vendor.
  • Cost

    Jira software is a paid project management tool, making it only accessible for those who have paid to use the application.
  • Difficult to Learn

    Unlike other more straightforward project management tools, Jira is more complex. For those who pick up learning new tools quickly, this is not an issue, but for those who have a difficult time, Jira can seem complex at first. Learning how to properly use the app’s many features can take a lot of time in your schedule.
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