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Microsoft Teams Tips & Advice

  • Use Channels


    Want advice on how to use Microsoft Teams effectively? Use the multiplicity of channels to divide and house communication across organizational teams. This keeps conversations on-task and involving the right people for the task.


  • Access Microsoft Products


    All Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or SharePoint can be accessed inside Microsoft Teams, so you can access and share any of your Microsoft files from within teams.


  • Use Integrations


    Check out Microsoft Teams’ 250+ integrations. Many third party apps, including Droplr, integrate with Microsoft Teams to allow you to continue using them while enhancing your workflow and improving production and communication.


  • Check Out Tutorials


    If you have various questions such as what is Microsoft Teams, why use Microsoft Teams, or how does Microsoft Teams work, then check out Microsoft’s huge library of Microsoft Teams tutorials. You can find video tutorials, downloadable guides, and examples of how various features work in real-time.

  • Title Chats


    To further organize channels, you can title different chat exchanges within the channel. This makes it easier to organize different conversations and find them again in the future.


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