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  • Try the Adobe Photoshop free trial for one week before committing to one of the paid plans. Just don’t forget to cancel your Photoshop trial before the end of the week if you decide not to keep using it!

  • Photoshop comes with dozens of hands-on tutorials that can be accessed in the software. Use them if you have limited experience with image editing software; they’re incredibly useful and effective at teaching you about Photoshop.

  • Are you getting an error message that your scratch disks are full? This means that your temporary storage disks where Photoshop stores image and image history information in-session are out of space. You need a minimum of 1.5 GB available on your scratch disks to use Photoshop. To fix this problem, you can move other files off your scratch disk to another location, choose a different drive to work as your scratch disk, or disable auto-recovery saving. For more specific advice concerning your Photoshop “scratch disk full” error message, check out Adobe’s page on scratch disks. 

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