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Trello Top Uses

  1. Project Management

    The vast majority of users use Trello to organize their workflows. Users can set up boards, often named after a project they are working on, then use lists to organize that board. Cards, where users can add details such as due dates, comments, and attachments, can then be added to lists and moved from list to list as projects progress. Trello essentially serves as a white board covered in sticky notes in digital form.

  2. Productivity

    Trello’s automation tool, Butler, allows users to set up rule-based triggers, custom  cards and board buttons, calendar commands, and due date commands to improve productivity across teams. Trello syncs across devices, so a user and can check on their workflow while working in the office or on the go.

  3. Personal Organization

    It’s not only teams that benefit from using Trello. Individuals use Trello to keep their personal to-do lists organized, plan meetings, even plan travel or take notes. They also use it to brain dump ideas and even keep track of shopping lists.

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