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Droplr 1.1 Now Live

We have released the Droplr 1.1 update. You can get this update in 2 ways; “download it from our website” or use the “Check for updates” button in the preferences. Here’s what’s new/fixed for this Droplr 1.1 update release:


  • Now supports 10.5 Leopard
  • Upload of multiple files will now upload a zip of the files
  • Upload of a package or app will now zip it before uploading
  • New menu item for invoking the screenshot command
  • Added hidden preference for removing “copied” from Droplr’s popup
  • Droplr will now ask you to move the app to the Applications folder if you launch it from somewhere else


  • Tooltip no longer shows wrong file size in recent drops menu
  • Loading of recent drops menu is now more efficient/faster
  • Using the “Launch Droplr website” option now goes to your home page instead of /hello
  • Uploading folders no longer results in the path’s folders in the resulting zip file
  • Start on login should be more reliable with some systems
  • Dragging images from iChat no longer causes a crash
  • Dragging items from iTunes no longer causes a crash
  • Files now successfully deleted off server after deleting them from the web app
  • Links should properly link to the correct domain in the web app
  • The popup should be more reliable in showing text
  • Greatly improved interface speed and responsiveness
  • Composing a new note from the menubar should no longer start a note with the clipboard contents
  • Shortening links to google maps should now be more reliable
  • Improved first run experience
  • General stability fixes
  • General interface improvements

Known Issues

  • Removed Echofon support because Echofon’s URL handler does not work properly system-wide
  • Hide dock icon preference still needs to be reset after each update
  • Dragging items from stacks won’t work due to OS X’s implementation
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