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Important Droplr 2 Bug Fixes

A quick update on some important bug fixes we’ve released this week for Droplr 2.

Email Problems

When we released Droplr 2, we had some issues with registration/migration confirmation emails not being sent. This was caused by our email service failing often and we recognize it was rather frustrating. We’ve since moved to a more reliable email solution and all emails should be sending correctly now.

If you were having problems registering or migrating before, please try again.

HTTPS Issues

We were made aware of an issue yesterday where it was possible to access our migration from outside of HTTPS. We fixed the issue almost immediately after we were made aware of it with Droplr 2. A couple important notes:

  1. Although it was possible to access this, it wasn’t the normal path, so more than likely if you already migrated your account you did so over HTTPS.
  2. We’ve not only updated our code to make sure that the migration page is always served over HTTPS, but we’ve also updated the web app to be served over HTTPS as well, so when you log in, you should see: https://droplr.com/ for your drops homepage.

Twitter Password

We’ve been made aware that some people are concerned we’re storing your Twitter password when you enter it on our migration form. We do not do this. We’re using Twitter’s OAuth in the form of xAuth. This sends your credentials to Twitter’s servers and provides us with access tokens to use in order for us to migrate your old account. We have never and will never store your Twitter credentials.

Although we’ve been using this same flow in our iPhone app for awhile, there’s been some concern that using this flow in the web app isn’t the best practice. We recognize this and will get an OAuth redirect solution out as soon as possible. I’ll provide an update here and on Twitter when that’s released.

You can migrate your account at any time, so if you’d like to sign up for Droplr 2 now and then migrate your Droplr 1 account after we release the OAuth migration, that will work just fine. Thank you for your patience with this.

Other Issues

We’re aware of a few other serious issues like some users not being able to login from their desktop apps. We promise we’re doing our best to correct these as soon as possible. We can’t thank you enough for your continued patience. As always, please report any problems or feedback here.

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