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Droplr for Mac 3 on the Mac App Store

Droplr for Mac 3, which we released as a stand alone version at the beginning of August is now finally available as an update on the Mac App Store!

After nearly two months and half a dozen rejections, we were able to work out a solution with Apple that meets all their new requirements for Sandboxing and still provides the desired user experience for our customers. This was a long process for us, but we sincerely appreciate your patience as we worked through various solutions.

As excited as we are that our latest and greatest is now once again on the App Store, we did need to compromise on a few minor things in order to adhere to approval guidelines. Our standalone version, available from our homepage will continue to behave as before. But our App Store version will have changes/limitations.

Droplr Mac Store Limitations

  • The Droplr key combination (opt+d by default) will no longer upload the selected file(s) in the Finder. Instead, using the key combination will open an “open file” dialog where you’ll be able to select the file(s) you’d like to share.
  • The Xcode Droplet plugin has been removed.
  • The Address Book Droplet plugin has been removed.

Given these changes, we will continue to offer Droplr for Mac as a standalone app from our website along with offering it in the Mac App Store. Our intention is to keep both on the same upgrade path and hold feature parity, save for the items listed above.

We have added the ability to subscribe to Droplr Pro via Apple’s In-App Purchasing. If you have a free account, you can visit Droplr for Mac’s preferences where you’ll be able to purchase one year of Droplr Pro. One important note, due to a current limitation with Apple’s In-App Purchasing, we aren’t able to offer a recurring subscription right now through the App Store, so you’ll need to re-purchase this each year.

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