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Droplr for Mac 4.1 – Major Feature Update

Droplr for Mac 4.1 - Major Feature Update

In January we released Droplr for Mac 4.0, the newest evolution of our flagship client. Droplr 4.0 added a shiny, new interface on top of the functionality that makes sharing with Droplr so simple. Now that we’ve got 4.0 out the door, we felt it was time to add some features that lots of you have been wanting for a while.

Screen Recording

People love using Droplr to share screenshots, but sometimes a simple image just can’t communicate everything you need it to. Enter screen recording, Droplr-style.

When you open the sharing menu, you’ll see a new option: “Capture Screen Recording”, which allows you to record a section of your screen and instantly share it. If you depend on Droplr simple, quick, painless visual communication, we built this for you.

We made Draw better

We released screenshot annotations called Droplr Draw last August and, admittedly, it was pretty simple. Apparently a lot of you liked it but sometimes you’d hit a wall where Draw was missing a few key features. We heard you and we’re making Draw better.

With Droplr for Mac 4.1 you’ll see two new controls when you open Draw: Colors and Blur.

  • Colors allows you to change the color of the elements you create with Draw.
  • Blur allows you to blur out any sensitive information in your screenshot. This is pretty essential when you need to share something with sensitive information.

And we’re not done improving Draw. These new features are just a start.

Improved Drop control

Previously when you needed to update your Drop title or security, you’d have to login to the website and manage the Drop settings there. Not anymore.

In Droplr For Mac 4.1, you’ll notice a new title icon when you hover over your Drops. Click on this to manage each Drop’s settings directly from the Mac app.

Retina screenshots

Droplr for Mac 4.1 correctly recognizes when you’re trying to upload a retina screenshot or a regular screenshot. No more resampling: everything you share looks beautiful at all resolutions.

Retina users, just try it. Your screenshots look gorgeous.

To get started with easy, secure sharing with Droplr for Mac 4.1, head over to https://droplr.com/ and enjoy!

Next up, Droplr for iOS 7! Stay tuned… 🙂

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