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Retina 5k, Yosemite, iPad Air 3, and Droplr

Donno about you, but I can’t wait to lick the zesty layer of organic passivization off the new Retina iMac and Yosemite.

All joking aside, today’s Apple announcement was, again, stunning. They’ve sapped the world’s supply of pencils, pixels, and hyperbole to create The Best Mac Ever and the Thinnest, Best, Most Powerful iPad Ever. The marriage of iOS and Yosemite was consummated right there on stage before Craig Federighi and the great Stephen Colbert. The new iPad was shown juggling volumetric lighting effects like Pelé juggling a soccer ball. More than a bajillion banks have succumbed to the mighty, all-seeing eye of Apple Pay. Then Tim Cook got all teary-eyed thanking the whole Apple team. (There was also that bit about the Apple spaceship, but we shall never, ever talk about that again).

Retina 5k, Yosemite, iPad Air 3, and Droplr

We saw more sweet Yosemite features, including Spotlight and Safari search-fu. And more on that whole widget notification thing that everybody is so excited about.

Including us!

We’ve discovered a hidden cache of Jolt Cola and we’re force-feeding it via IV to our developers RIGHT NOW to create the next version of Droplr for Yosemite and iOS 8. What features will they have? Unfortunately we can’t leak any photos or specs because we can’t afford to hire Stephen Colbert to do a bit about security. Oops, we mentioned it. Sorry.

But rest assured that we are working on it and that the updates will be released very soon. Right after we get done playing with all the new Apple stuff.

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