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Intercom: Serving Customers Faster with Droplr

Intercom: Serving Customers Faster with Droplr

When you build a leading tool for customer engagement, you can’t afford to be slow with your own customers. That’s why the customer success team at Intercom uses Droplr to share files and screenshots.

“Droplr is the simplest, most reliable, universal way to share a file with anyone anywhere,” says Des Traynor, cofounder and VP of Customer Success at Intercom. “ I can’t imagine a quicker way to exchange a screenshot than Droplr.”

In the dark days, if you wanted to know how your customers used your software, you either had to ask them or write custom and cumbersome tracking code. Intercom automatically sends messages to customers based on behavior—or lack of behavior. If a customer signs up for your software and hasn’t used it, Intercom can automatically send them a message. And that’s just the start. Intercom includes a full customer database, email marketing platform, and more.

Traynor and his team are tasked with making sure Intercom users get the most out of the system. That means curating a library of user documentation and maintaining constant communication with customers. “It’s part support, part education. The first part is making sure people who are confused and struggling can be successful,” says Traynor. “The second part is ensuring they’re actually achieving what they set out to achieve.”

Why Intercom Uses Droplr

In Traynor’s team, speed and simplicity are key. And Droplr is the fastest, most simple way to send files and screenshots. Why not simply use built-in Mac screenshot tools? “It just takes too long,” says Traynor. “You take a screenshot, it appears on your desktop, then you have to find it on your desktop where there are 500 other things and drag it to the right place in whatever product you were using. It breaks your workflow.”

Using Droplr to share, says Traynor, is second nature. “I change tools 40-50 times a day. I may flip from Skype to Slack and then from Slack to Base Camp to Gmail then to a Google Calendar event. All of those have slightly different methods for how you upload files. Some have a paperclip, some support drag and drop, some behave differently if you drag a file on the product or in the text area, some don’t allow file attachment at all. With Droplr you just drag a file into the menu bar icon and paste the link. It’s just muscle memory.”

Droplr integrations are also key to Traynor’s workflow. “Droplr works the same way with all the apps I use,” he says. “If I paste a Droplr link into Slack or Basecamp, they unfold and display the image right in the chat window or message window.”

More than a dozen people at Intercom use Droplr to share files and screenshots. It’s a key communication tool for the team. “It’s a very specific and tightly scoped job: I need to share this file,” says Traynor. “That job is so common in every other workflow, whether I’m managing a project, creating a calendar event, anything.”

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