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2014 Year in Review

Ready for our 2014 Year in Review?

In 2014 we got back to business, adding a ton of new awesome features to make Droplr better than ever. But enough with the hyperbole, let’s review what we accomplished last year.

Self-Destructing Drops

We received a lot of requests from users for this one. Essentially, you can set any Drop to dissolve after one hour, one day, or one week. It’s a fantastic feature for sharing clandestine info, or if you just like to keep your Droplr dashboard free of clutter. It’s like Snapchat, for files.

2014 Year in Review

Reaction GIFs

We didn’t know we needed Reaction GIFs until Droplr CTO Levi Nunnink created them last year. Droplr accesses your Mac’s built-in camera so you can create your own awesome reaction GIFs. It’s a fun feature that comes in handy when words fall flat. Check it out:

2014 Year in Review

Quick Links

Continuing on with our Year in Review, it used to be that you had to wait for a file to upload completely before you could share the link. With Droplr 4.2, we added a Quick Link feature that lets you share a link to a file that’s still uploading. We also added a progress bar to drop pages to let people know how the upload is going. It helps speed up workflow tremendously.

Yosemite Upgrades

Yosemite was a huge step forward for Mac users. We got a whole new look, extensions, an advanced notification center and more. We updated Droplr’s look and feel to flow with Yosemite, including support for Dark Mode. We also added a Yosemite extension to make sharing with Droplr easier than ever.

2014 Year in Review

What’s Next?

We’re focusing on making Droplr even better. That means updating our apps, adding even more features, and making Droplr more accessible to everyone. It means sticking to what makes Droplr so great, keeping it simple, quick, and elegant.

Stay tuned for big updates and thanks for reading our 2014 Year in Review!

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