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Screenshots are essential to any great Support Team

Screenshots are essential to any great Support Team

Time is short, and customer service requests often take too long, both for the parties requesting assistance and the representatives providing it – enter, screenshots.

Consider this all-too-common scenario:

A customer calls to resolve an ongoing issue. Support history goes back three months, with a seemingly endless back and forth of emails, phone calls, and messages. Each new conversation requires a review of the prior communications. The customer is put on hold. The CSR is put on an increasingly cold trail to sniff out what the problem is and where it started in order to determine how to proceed. The blame is on both sides: One side is unable to explain the issue, and the other is unable to understand or to resolve it.  

Is there a better way, a path out of the maze? Yes.


Screenshots are essential to any great Support Team

An image saves the CSR time with a clear support ticket. The customer gets a quick response versus a frustrating musical interlude on speakerphone.  

With Droplr, a screenshot is not just a simple tool—it’s a way of reinventing the wheel of how support teams function and manage tickets quicker. With just a simple click, users can show their entire screen, point out exactly what they’re talking about, and share it instantly.

Take out the guessing game and start communicating better with your customers. They will appreciate it, and you will too!

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