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How to Increase Productivity in Customer Support

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Life as a customer support rep often involves an overwhelming flurry of to-do’s. These include billing questions, bug reports, sales and account questions, feedback, inquiries, feature requests, and more. It’s easy to gain tunnel vision, fixated on clearing tickets versus meeting your broader and more important goals.

Droplr is a tool to help you get back on track to the big picture. This tool has a positive impact on all your tasks and will help you increase productivity.

Droplr is Perfect for Customer Support

How to Increase Productivity in Customer Support

Many customer support teams have implemented Droplr into their everyday workflow to facilitate quick, clear communication. When communicating with a coworker or another department, you have a tool to convey precise information with a few clicks. When communicating with a customer, you can add a personal touch—the hallmark of a good customer service experience.

Showing a customer a screenshot of her own billing information, for example, tells her that you’re taking care of her specific issue and giving it your full attention, not just reading from a script.

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According to a 2011 AmEx survey, happy customers tell, on average, nine people about especially good customer service experiences. That would mean that over the course of a 250 “working” day year, you’d expose your business to 2,250 more people hearing positive stories about you!

Whether you’re emailing Joe from IT or speaking on the phone with a customer, Droplr helps you manage your day and make the most of every interaction and connection. Now you’ll clear those customer support tickets in no time.

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