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6 Ways Droplr Changed for You in 2017 + Infographics!

6 Ways Droplr Changed for You in 2017 + Infographics!

It’s been a good year. We’ve been busy developing the service, trying to make it better for you. We’ve polished up some things, added new Droplr features, integrated with pretty cool platforms, and implemented some fancy technology that speeds the whole thing up! 🙂 In this blog post, we’re recapping what’s been done. Read on to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

Here are the changes listed in a descending order. We’ve:

6. Improved the user experience of the Dashboard

Aside from enjoying Droplr’s new, polished look, you can now decide how you want to have the drops displayed – be it a list, a grid, or columns, and see the previews of gif files and entire pages.

5. Released a new Mac app

The update offers you new screenshot markup options. This may not sound like a big deal at first.  But in fact, it is. It adds a new dimension to the service, letting you use Droplr as a proper communication tool. You can now send feedback in a much more precise way!

4. Made it easier to keep the Dashboard clean and tidy

From 2017 on, you can create category Boards to keep your drops organized and make finding things so much easier. We also introduced a tiny feature. Selecting multiple drops comes in handy when you can’t resist the urge to purge the Dashboard of the drops you no longer need.

By the way, you can also upload multiple drops simultaneously to the Dashboard (and the clipboard). Simply drag a whole bunch of the files and drop them where needed 😉 – a huge time saver.

3. Empowered collaborators 😉

The Boards not only let you be as organized as you are, they also make a collaboration space for entire teams. You can grant others access to the boards you create. What is pretty cool and something you may not know – the people you invite to access your boards don’t have to be Droplr users. So, feel free to share them with anyone you wish!  

We’ve also made some new friends the project teams should love! 🙂 This year, we’ve integrated with:

  • Trello
  • Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • And, we’ve enhanced our Slack integration

Our Slack integration not only does the whole drag and drop with preview generation magic but also lets you kick off drop editing right in the Slack app. It lets you save the drops you receive or attach them to the board you choose, without forcing you to leave Slack and break your workflow. From what we see, you’re loving it, which flies us to the Moon. :))

(Let me just drop here that we’ve also remembered to empower the communicators 😉 by integrating with Intercom.)

2. Gave you productivity hacks

The first on the list is the drag&drop as a way to upload drops. It not only feels much more natural to grab a file with your mouse cursor and drop it where it belongs – be it to Slack, Gmail, or a Google document.

When you do that, a preview is automatically generated. This time-saving hack cannot be overestimated! You can now spare yourself the trouble of browsing the dark recesses of your computer in the helpless attempt to figure out where you’ve saved the screenshots you’re looking for. (It happens to be all the time… )

You simply click on the Droplr icon, drag the screenshot you’ve just captured and drop it in your Google doc, Gmail message, or Confluence. And the job’s done, the image is embedded in your document and you feel like the Master Yoda, the Time Hacker! And justifiably so. Time you have just hacked! 😉

1. Improved scalability and got faster   

You may have heard that we’d gone serverless. The serverless technology lets us implement new features faster. We’ve also boosted the upload time – something you may not notice if you live on the West Coast. The farther east from there you are, the bigger difference in upload time you get. 🙂

To cut the long story short:

6 Ways Droplr Changed for You in 2017 + Infographics!

We’ve enjoyed this year enormously. It’s been a pleasure to change for you. We hope we’ve succeeded in giving you a better Droplr experience. There’s still a lot to be done – we know. 🙂 Thank you for your patience and for being with us. And, remember – we’re developing Droplr for you, so if you feel like leaving some feedback, get it touch! Tell us which features you like and where we could meet your needs a little more. We’d love to know!

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