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3 Problems Droplr Resolves with Storage Limitations

3 Problems Droplr Resolves with Storage Limitations
Run into storage limitations often? With Droplr, the sky’s the limit because your files are in the cloud. Droplr links resolve many of the headaches caused by running out of room.
You can send large files with ease using Droplr’s easy to share short links. You can upload large files like videos, screen recordings, and PDFs to your Droplr dashboard and share them with anyone. Save the space on your local hard drive and take advantage of Droplr’s online cloud. 
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  1. Email attachments – Gmail only lets you attach 25MB of files per email. With Droplr, however, you can upload files indefinitely (each up to 2GB), since you’re creating and sharing links that don’t take up any space in your emails. Send as many links in you want in your email and save yourself the headache of shrinking file sizes and sending multiple emails.
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 2. Storage limitations in applications – Take Slack as an example—standard users are allowed 10GB of file space, and Plus users are allowed 20GB. Slack’s file size limit makes it difficult to send larger files. If you’re not already going over the limit, you’re probably concerned about it, and maybe you’re even periodically deleting files that you’d rather keep. With Droplr links, no file storage is used, and you can always refer back to the links you need. Droplr not only previews your links but saves everything in the history of conversations. 

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3. CRM File Limits – CRM platforms like Salesforce often allow users to upload only up to 1GB per user. HubSpot’s file management system is designed to host web and marketing content; on such systems, large files can make the application slow and the wait for files to load an excruciating one. Instead, just paste the Droplr link into a note, task, invoice link, or other necessary information when working through deals.

Storage limitations can be a big constraint, so let Droplr lighten the load. We can handle the bandwidth it takes to download larger files.

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