Happy Birthday, CSS!

Remember when you had to mess around with HTML tables and spacer GIFs to get your site to look fly? So maybe I’m just showing my advanced age (or early onset Alzheimer’s), but I remember when web design sucked super hard. That was before CSS. Now things are precise (kinda). And easy (not really).
At any rate, CSS turned 20 today and Bruce Lawson just posted an interview with the genius behind CSS, Håkon Wium Lie. Lie is the CTO of Opera. Way back when he realized that if the Web was going to go anywhere, it needed some style.

The interview gets delightfully technical, so prepare to geek out a bit.

What do we have to say about CSS?

“Thank you CSS. Because of you I became obsessed with front-end web design and spent my youth writing stuff like ‘border: 1px solid #ccc’” -Josh Bryant, CEO Droplr

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