More Tips on How to use Droplr in your Trello Account

Here is a list of additional tips for enhancing your Trello experience with Droplr.

Drops section

For every Drop attached to a card you can see a thumbnail and do things like open the Drop in a new window, copy the link to the clipboard and set the Drop as the cover image. Turning a Drop into a card cover is also a convenient way to create a backup of a Drop image.

Droplr integration with trello settings

Droplr card button

Easily attach a Drop Link or use the drop as the cover for an existing card.

trello board with a lot images uploaded by droplr integration

Droplr board button

Create a new card in any list using a Drop Link. You’ll have options to immediately use the Drop as the card cover or embed a preview of the Drop in the description.trello board with a lot images and new image uploaded by droplr integration

Need to Remove Your Personal Droplr Account from Trello or Log Into Another Account?

Just select the ‘Settings’ icon, click on ‘Remove Personal Settings’ and then select ‘Clear Data’.
trello board removing droplr integration

Using the Droplr Trello Power Up requires a Droplr account.

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