Add Visuals to Slack Conversations with Screenbot

Do you want to communicate in Spark with less effort and add visuals to Slack conversations? Screenbot for Windows is the perfect productivity boost for your team chat platform. Read this article to learn about Screenbot and how to join the private beta.

What is Screenbot?

Screenbot makes it simple to enrich Spark discussions with rich media content and add visuals to Slack conversations. Your favorite Droplr features such as screenshots, annotations, screen recordings and clipboard integration are just a short text-based command away. Screenbot was previously only available for Mac, but we are proud to announce that Screenbot for Windows is now available as part of a private beta.

Slash Commands

Slash commands are simple text commands typed into a Slack or Spark message. Once Screenbot is integrated with your chat platform the system gains a new vocabulary of productivity commands.

  • /sb command: Opens the Screenbot action selector letting you pick what to do next by clicking an option
  • /sb shot command: Jumps right to the screenshot selection tool
  • /sb draw command: After grabbing a screenshot a simple editor will let you add text, arrows and other annotations
  • /sb clip command: Pulls file off of your clipboard and makes them available in your discussion

The Action Selector

Running the /sb command with no argument launches the action selector. The action selector lets you pick an action using your mouse or touch screen.

Screenbot action selector let's you select screenhots, annotations, screen recordings and other options

Pick Your Selection Style

Screenbot lets you select content on your desktop using quick selection and detailed selection modes. Quick selection mode will be familiar to longtime users of Droplr products. You simply click, drag and release to send visuals on your screen to the Droplr cloud and discussions on your web-based chat platform. Detailed selection mode lets you refine your selection before sending it on. Detailed selection mode is perfect for getting that screen capture just right or on the go when all you have access to is a touchpad.

Joining the Private Beta

The private beta of Screenbot for Windows is being made available to select Droplr Enterprise and Team users. Please connect with your Droplr account representative for details on how to get started. This software will be available to other plan levels later this year.


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