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Overwhelmed at times with tools and apps? Having more to work with doesn’t always mean you get more work done. But before you set about emptying the clutter from your digital toolbox, consider a solution that lets you keep your app-for-everything lifestyle without the clunkiness: a tool that helps those whosits and whatsits and thingamabobs work seamlessly together.

With Droplr, sharing between tools, platforms, and apps is becoming easier than ever. As we continue to expand our integrations, life with Droplr (and those zillion other apps) becomes much simpler.

And if you’re in the need for some extra speed, we’ve got a few useful ideas to help you improve your workflow in our app:

Droplr Hot Keys

Instead of clicking on the taskbar icon, try some of our favorite keyboard shortcuts.

screenshot shortcut selected on keyboard screenshot shortcut with annotation selected on keyboard screencast shortcut with annotation selected on keyboard compose note shortcut selected on keyboard upload a file shortcut selected on keyboard

Organize Projects and Files with Tags

Sort and organize all your drops by tags. If you want to auto tag everything you are working on, just leave your dashboard open and it will auto tag everything you do. This keeps things clean and separate from all your other projects.

slow leopard photo uploaded to droplr dashboard and tagged

Select Multiple Drops and Share with One Click

Tired of reaching your file size limit in emails and other apps? Droplr links take up essentially no space, and you can include as many files, documents, and screenshots as you would like. This nifty new feature makes it possible to do that quickly. Just select the files you would like to copy to your clipboard and paste them wherever.

droplr dashboard view with selected drops of snow leopard

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Just email us at

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