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Can Slack Replace Email?

Comparing Slack and Microsoft Teams

Slack has boldly stated they can replace your email. But can Slack replace email? Email culture is often deeply ingrained in organizations and is lauded as the prime way of communication. While Slack can certainly improve communication and productivity, it likely won’t replace your email anytime soon. We’ve already discussed the pros and cons of Slack – and we’re a big fan of its Droplr integration – but here’s why Slack probably won’t replace your email anytime soon. 

B2B/B2C Communication 

While Slack may help communication in the office, a lot of communication occurs between an organization and its clients. Outside users can be added to Slack, but during the sales process especially, email is often highly relied upon. Alternatively, it is becoming more common for a user to be a part of multiple organization’s Slacks which could potentially result in confusion. 

Productivity & Collaboration

Slack can be an incredibly useful tool for increasing team communication and productivity, but some users report that its many channels and threads of communication can become overwhelming and distracting if they are involved in several conversations, particularly when users are holding personal conversations as well as work-related discussion. They prefer to keep more important tasks in email. 

Additionally, when multiple teams are involved in a project communication via Slack can become disconnected, given the option to have multiple channels and threads within those channels. This can be particularly cumbersome if some of those teams are remote or in other offices. Tasks get lost and important parts of conversation could be missed by users who aren’t immediately available. Keeping project communication such as material reviews and directions in email helps keep teams on track. 

It’s One More Thing 

Many organizations run into the issue of having too many outlets of communication – email, Slack, perhaps a Skype or project management system, and even text and phone calls. They find themselves with an influx of information. The constant messages and notifications can result in information overload and perhaps even burnout. As an added obstacle, if projects are being discussed in multiple places, team members may inadvertently be left out of important conversations or not see tasks assigned to them. 

Will Slack replace email? 

In a word, not likely. While Slack can be extremely useful in organizations, it can also cause bottlenecks, distract staff, and lead to miscommunication. Email is a pillar of nearly every organization and even as Slack becomes more and more integrated with email clients, it won’t replace email as a primary form of communication within businesses.

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