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How to Use Google Docs to Offer Real Time Feedback

Google Docs is the go-to tool for quick and easy collaborative work. Google Docs makes writing, editing, and revising an easy task for those looking for a straight-forward tool for coordinated projects. Feedback is crucial when working and collaborating with others. So, having a tool to help facilitate that communication is important for all companies.

commenting, chat and real-time editing on google docs

Google Docs is an application that helps users organize notes, write documents, and create edits. It can be accessed through Google Drive, making it widely accessible among users. The productivity application allows a number of users on each document and can be shared among large groups of people. 

Google Docs also allows individuals to access and edit a document at the same time. Using feedback to collaborate is a more efficient approach than traditional ways of communicating word documents through email.

Google Docs Feedback Tools

Sharing Documents

Before we begin our discussion on editing, it’s important to note the sharing tools needed to allow individuals to access documents. Google Docs allows users to share their documents with as many people as they want. Best of all, not all of the recipients need to have a Gmail account to access and edit documents. The application also gives document owners a ‘shareable link’ to send to co-workers and team members.

How to Share Files in Google Docs

Text Strikethrough

When editing a document, a popular tool is text ‘strikethrough’, which is essentially crossing out a word or a number of words and sentences. This tool is helpful when editing the sequence of sentences in a larger document or suggesting changes and revisions. Strikethrough in Google Docs is a great collaborative tool to use when editing.

Keyboard Shortcut: ⌘ + Shift + x

How to Strikethrough on Google Docs

how to strikethrough text on google docs

Textbox Commentary

Textboxes are the most popular editing tool used in Google Docs. Textboxes are easy to add and can help add commentary to the written document. Adding notes about suggestions, revisions, and examples can be helpful when providing feedback. Adding textboxes can help facilitate clear expectations and opinions when editing. 

When adding text boxes, users also have the ability to add comments underneath the textboxes. This lets users converse about individual edits and suggestions. Adding commentary using the app’s textboxes is an efficient tool to receive and give immediate feedback. 

Keyboard Shortcut: ⌘ + Option + m

How to Make a Textbox in Google Docs

how to leave a comment in google docs

Revision History

Another helpful tool offered is a detailed history of each document. All edits and comments are noted in the revision history along with all changes to the document. Because the application repeatedly auto-saves all versions of a document, users and editors can compare and contrast past versions of writing. Seeing different version histories can allow writers to revert their document to past versions if needed. 

client proposal in google docs with revision history on the right side

The Importance of Collaboration

In almost every industry, collaborative work is on the rise. Having the tools to successfully work in both large and small teams is crucial for productive collaboration. With the ability to work together and exchange feedback, higher quality work can be produced. When working with others, multiple perspectives and different viewpoints can be provided by team members and create diversified work. Platforms like Google Docs can provide the online space one needs to share ideas and feedback with others. In the age of collaboration, using cloud sharing and file sharing platforms can make or break a project. As such, make sure you check out our other articles for everything you need to know about cloud sharing.

Collaborate Using Google Docs

Google Docs can be used for a number of different tasks and projects. Almost all projects can also be collaborative due to the number of multi-tasking tools offered by the app. Whether you’re checking your document’s page count, edit history, or word count, team members and co-workers alike can use the app to plan, edit, and write a variety of documents needed in any work environment.

Google Docs’ feedback and collaborative features should be a part of any writer’s or company’s toolbox. Editing and feedback is an important aspect of any writing process and having the instruments to do so efficiently and productively makes the process even easier. 

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