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Best Online Photo Editors You Can Use for Free

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Online photo editors can be used for a variety of purposes and in a number of industries. Having a go-to tool can help your company with both creativity and productivity. If it’s free, that makes it even better! Having one of the best online photo editors on hand can almost be equivalent to having your own design team on hand.

Depending on your company’s needs, there’s a free editing app that’s just right for you. Whether you need to simply change the color of a photo, add annotations and text, or create designs out of templates, the online editing app market has everything you need. As branding becomes more and more important, online photo editors like these become more essential.

Picking the Best Free Photo Editor Online

One simple Google search will reveal a plethora of online picture editors. Having hundreds of options to choose from can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting and outlined the 5 best online photo editors for all of your online editing app needs.

Canva – Easy to use graphic design tool

a new untitled logo design on canva with templates on the left tab


  • Canva is a top choice for those looking to up their brand’s social media and online presence. It offers users a wide range of templates to choose from depending on the product they’re designing for.
  • The graphic design tool is also a top pick for companies looking to create a standardized marketing tool. Canva lets you pick specified branding, colors, and fonts to streamline all creative content, ensuring a cohesive design.
  • Canva also allows users to download finished products in a variety of formats, including JPG.’s, PNG’s, PDF’s, as well as GIFs.
  • As mentioned above, this free online editor also lets users create small animated images with templates and pre-installed motions. You can download these animations as GIFs. 

Pixlr – Photo editing tool

pixlr image editor with droplr logo in a cloud in the center


  • Pixlr is an online editing app geared towards individuals and companies who need a photo editor to touch up and edit images. An innovative tool that this app offers users is a drawing feature. You can draw designs, shapes, and other images onto your photo.
  • Pixlr also offers a retouch tool that can help you touch up photo blemishes and blur out other sensitive information. You can edit out both large and small objects from photos as well.
  • The app also offers users an automatic saving feature. All work and edits on a photo are automatically saved to ensure that nothing gets lost. 
  • While Pixlr lets users edit their photos on their site, the app also offers extensions through other applications such as Dropbox. Companies who use Dropbox to store and share their videos can also efficiently use Pixlr to edit them simultaneously.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express – Online Adobe Suite media creation application

blank adobe spark post with edit background tab on the right side


  • Similar to Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud Express has a wide variety of templates to choose from. This feature is helpful for those looking for high-quality graphic design tools without the heavy price tag. These templates include advertisements, newsletters, invitations, etc.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express, as part of Adobe Suite, is an online editing app that can be accessed from computers, tablets, and phones. Making content easy to share and accessible for large teams. The software also has a downloadable app.
  • The app also has an automatic resizing feature based on what type of content you’re creating. With pre-programmed information, Adobe Creative Cloud Express sizes Facebook banners, Instagram stories, and other social media posts for you.
  • As part of Adobe Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud Express utilizes their large portfolio of stock images to help you and your company create eye-catching and interactive posts. 

VistaCreate – Online design software

new crello design with templates up on the left window


  • VistaCreate boats a large image library for users to choose photos from for their own branding content. This tool is helpful for companies that do not have the resources available to create high-quality photos and content.
  • This best free online picture editor also allows users to create engaging social media content using their many templates. Many of these graphics can also be animated to use with videos, GIFs, and social media stories.
  • VistaCreate utilizes shape tools to help individuals create unique and interesting designs. With hundreds of different shapes available, you can play around, change colors, change sizes, and combine designs to create logos and graphics specific to your business.
  • The easy to use online editing app lets you edit images with multiple layers. Changing the transparency of layers and changing the position of layers is a helpful tool when editing photos online.

Fotor – Free online photo editor

new fotor instagram post with templates in the left tab


  • Fotor’s collage maker can help users make engaging and creative collages. With a wide variety of templates and tools to choose from, it’s easy to create unique photo collages to use on company websites, social media platforms, and marketing materials.
  • The online editing app also has a large collection of photo filters to edit your photos with. Changing your content with photo effects can help create a more individualized branding experience for clients.
  • Fotor’s website also has a large collection of tutorials to help users learn the application.
  • An interesting feature that Fotor also offers users is an HDR tool that allows you to upload three different versions of one image. These versions include normal, low, and high-quality photos. Then, the app uses the photos to create one high definition image. 

Tools Your Online Photo Editor Should Have

  • Cropping – Change the height and width of your photo to fit the dimensions of your site template or other marketing materials.
  • Duplicate – Create engaging effects by duplicating your images or easily ‘copy and paste’ logos.
  • Filters – Make sure your photos match the aesthetic of your company – use filters to change the color scheme of your materials.
  • Commentary – Add words or directions onto your photos for easy demonstrations.
  • Shapes – Use an arrow to point to a specific aspect of your image or circle a specific word or picture.

How to Choose the Right Photo Editor for Your Brand

Now that we’ve outlined the 5 best online photo editors that you can use for free, it’s up to you to decide which features are most important for your company’s needs. Photo editing applications can help you create unique and creative content for your brand without needing to spend too much on marketing material. Find the right editing software for you and get started on designing eye-catching photos, videos, and designs.

If you are interested in paid professional-level photo editing software, check out our integration with Photoshop or our review of the 10 Best Free Photoshop Plugins.

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