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  • Templates

    Confluence has hundreds of templates that are useful depending on your purpose. All of the app’s templates are housed in the Confluence Cloud. On Confluence’s website, all of the templates are also organized into industries and lines of work. For example, under Marketing and Sales, you can find templates for customer interview reports and competitive analyses.
  • Enterprise Grade Security

    Use the popular Atlassian tool and feel comfortable uploading your files and personal information to the public. Confluence features enterprise grade security across entire organizations.
  • Integrations

    Users can integrate applications into Confluence either through templates created by other applications or through other Atlassian products. Users also tend to integrate their Jira software with Confluence for streamlined project management. Integrating applications with Confluence can help users centralize and simplify project planning.
  • Feedback

    Similar to other Atlassian products, users can leave feedback on Confluence. Collaborate on documents with team members and edit in real-time by leaving comments and mentioning other team members to get their attention. Users are also able to fully view all edits made on a page.
  • Share Pages

    Confluence makes it easy for users to share pages with other team members. This tool is helpful for those working in large groups. Users without Confluence accounts can also view shared documents but cannot edit or add to them.


  • Navigation

    Similar to other Atlassian products, users have complained that aspects of Confluence are difficult to learn right away. Because of this, both Atlassian and other users have created online video tutorials and have a variety of online written blogs for quick how to’s.
  • Price

    Confluence is not a free application, although the software does have a free week long trial. From there, their subscriptions range from $10 to $20 a month depending on whether you will use the application yourself or with a team.
  • One Page

    Another drawback of using Confluence is its specific organizational structure. All information is stored within one page or project, although the page is able to be broken up into sections, some users do not prefer this style. Users can use the ‘page tree’ on each page to organize the different elements of each project.
  • Editing

    An issue that users can face when using Confluence is attempting to edit a document while someone else is editing. Although users can access the document and save it, they are unable to see the changes happening in real time that other users are implementing until they refresh their page. Some users have also noted that this can result in loss of edits.
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