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  • Automatic Save

    Google Docs’ automatic save feature is a ‘lifesaver’ for anyone who often forgets to do so while they write. The application will automatically save your documents every few minutes to ensure that any written progress will never get lost to shoddy internet connections or other ‘breaks’ while working.
  • Real Time Feedback

    The collaborative app works well for those looking to offer real time feedback on shared team projects. Users can edit each other’s work by adding commentary textboxes, text strikethroughs, and more. Rather than going through traditional long pathways to edit work, i.e. email, users can now quickly and efficiently work together on word documents.
  • Version History

    When working on a document in Google Docs, the applications also offers users detailed histories of their document’s revisions. Users can compare and contrast previous versions of their work and can even revert their documents to past versions when editing.
  • Free

    Because Google Docs is free for all users, it’s completely accessible. Users don’t need to have a Gmail address to access documents either. Google Docs offers its editing, collaboration, and sharing features unlimitedly to anyone who signs up for the application.
  • Accessibility

    Like Google Drive, Google Docs is accessible on multiple platforms. These platforms include Mac OS and Windows Systems, Chrome Extension, and other platforms like phones and tablets. Teams can work on and view documents anywhere and anytime by either downloading a Google Docs app or accessing it through a search engine.


  • Internet Connectivity

    An issue that users may face when using Google Docs is accessing the app and its features without a reliable internet connection. The application doesn’t work without WiFi connectivity and users are limited to only viewing documents without editing or sharing tools when using it offline.
  • Templates

    One feature that teams have commented on when comparing Google Docs to other applications like Microsoft Word is the inability to choose from a wide variety of document templates to edit from. This feature might not be of utmost importance for all users but for those who prefer a larger array of templates, this drawback can prove to be frustrating.
  • Loading Times

    Depending on your connectivity and the size of the file, some documents may take a little longer to load on Google Docs. Documents with a large amount of photos, charts, or drawings can slow down the wait times on certain computers.
  • Default Font

    Another issue commonly cited by Google Docs users is the inability to change the default font, which is currently Arial. Again, for many this issue might be trivial but for those who prefer a streamlined and consistent document style this extra step can get tedious.
  • Design Tools

    When comparing Google Docs to some of its larger competitors like Microsoft Word, the application has fewer design-oriented features. Google Docs features more straight forward ‘simple’ design tools, these include adding additional photos, tables, drawings, or charts to documents.
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