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Google Docs Top Uses

  1. Collaborate and Share

    Documents created using Google Docs can be shared with any individual or team. When sharing documents there are a number of ways you can customize how your document is viewed. Users can create links to specific areas of text, users can also send accompanying messages when email sharing their documents through the app. When needing to capture a specific person’s attention, you can also tag other users in the file.

  2. Research and Write at the Same Time

    Google Docs’ explore tool lets you research different topics without having to ever leave the document that you’re working on. This tool can also help you insert footnote citations of sites that you use for research and can save search histories.

  3. Edit Documents

    Google Docs has a couple different editing tools that can help you while you write as well as when you edit other documents. When writing in the app you can automatically copy formats from other parts of the documents to ensure that the style and formatting of the document are synchronized. The application also has a voice activated tool that will write spoken words and edit the same way as well. When peer editing, you can use strikethrough and text box commentary tools to leave feedback.

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