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Campaign Monitor: Speedy customer support with Droplr

Campaign Monitor: Speedy customer support with Droplr

“I can drag anything into the Droplr icon and it’s there. When you’re trying to answer 20 support tickets, speed and flow are what it’s all about.”

Davida Fernandez – Campaign Monitor

The customer support team at email marketing masters Campaign Monitor handle hundreds of support tickets from around the world every day. They help customers with everything from importing mailing lists to customizing HTML templates. Speed, efficiency, and clarity are key. That’s why the team uses Droplr to quickly and easily share screenshots, screencasts, and files.

“We use Droplr to help our customers on a daily basis,” says Davida Fernandez, customer support maven with Campaign Monitor. “We help customers with everything from using our web application to deliverability problems. If their emails aren’t looking right, we’ll help them fix the problem in the HTML code. We do billing and everything in between. Droplr helps us with every type of question we get.”

Meet Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor was launched in 2005 and boasts more than 120,000 customers. Since it was founded, the company has grown to 117 staff members in 20 cities across the globe. The customer support team is now 30 strong and operates around the clock. Fernandez works with the North America team, fielding requests from the continent and outlying areas. It’s a big job that requires quick, nimble responses to keep customers happy.

“We often have to share large amount of text with our customers in the form of mail logs,” says Fernandez. “If a customer wants a mail log, I can create a nicely formatted Droplr note and share it in a flash. Customers can view them in any web browser and they look fantastic.”

The Campaign Monitor team has also customized their Droplr download pages with the company logo and URL. To customers, Droplr looks like a Campaign Monitor file sharing service. “We send so many files and links to our customers—having that consistency is extremely important,” says Fernandez.

Fernandez and her colleagues also use Droplr internally to solve more complex customer service issues. “We share screenshots all the time in HipChat,” she says. “Droplr screenshots display right in the HipChat window and because they’re automatically uploaded to the cloud, our desktops don’t get cluttered with them.”

“For me, Droplr is just so seamless. I can drag anything into the Droplr icon and it’s there. When you’re trying to answer 20 tickets in a short amount of time, speed and flow are what it’s all about. And Droplr is just muscle memory for me.”

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